Remodel Update: These New Dryers Made Me Weep

If you’ve read this blog at all, you’ve come to know our(my?) genuine fondness for remodeling. There is something very special about taking something crusty and disgusting and making it new and fresh again. I get feelings similar to what others would describe as “the excitement of Christmas morning” or “the thrill of a roller coaster”.

(Yes, I’m weird. We’ve already established that.)

The second laundromat we purchased has provided remodel opportunities in large abundance. (In fact, it has actually put my love of remodeling to the test. It’s been a real beast, folks.)

Since we have day jobs and other life commitments demanding our attention, we don’t have oodles of free time to devote to updating.  It takes us a while to get things done. But things are slowly happening my friends, and we’re excited!

A few months ago we finally had our brand-new dryers installed.  The old dryers were like a time portal.  It’s as if someone closed the doors to our laundromat in 1970, sealed it up tight and put a sign on the door that said “1970 Time Capsule – DO NOT OPEN Until January 1st, 2016”.

Just looking at them causes the hits of Simon and Garfunkel to meander through my brain.  (And we won’t even touch on the mis-matched floors right now.  Those are being ripped out in two weeks, and we’ll leave that for a whole other post.)

But there does come a strange feeling of nostalgia with these old guys.  I imagine the timeline of fashions that probably made their way through these dryers over the years.  From bell-bottom pants to neon spandex and acid-washed jeans.  Many presidents have come and gone while these steel monsters tumbled and dried day-in-day-out.

But they had to go.

And it was a mighty fine day when these beautiful hunks of steel and glass rolled off the delivery truck and into our store a few months ago.

I wept.  No shame here, folks.

And as expected, customers loved them, and still without a lick of advertising, incomes started going up nicely. The store is finally beginning to look like the one we pictured in our heads when we bought this place.

We’re super thrilled with the final results, and up next are the walls.  And then the floors. And then…oh never mind, we’d be here forever.

Thanks for tuning in, until next time…






2 thoughts on “Remodel Update: These New Dryers Made Me Weep

  1. Hi it really looks so beautiful!
    We bought our first laundromat six month ago, and I am thinking the speed queen dryer machine use a lot of gas , my bills is up by far. What about dexter, do they save energy?

    1. The Dexters are built to be more efficient, but in general they’re also better quality. They look newer longer. Not long ago we saw Dexters in another store that were 15 years old, but they looked 5 years old at the most. The steel housing is thicker than on Speed Queens. Thanks for stopping by!

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