Researching.  Purchasing.  Managing.  Profiting.

We provide educational tools and resources for current and potential laundromat owners, including:

  • Educational Articles
  • Useful Tools and Templates
  • Practical Tips
  • Recommended Resources
  • DIY Repairs and Maintenance
  • Q&A Podcast (coming soon!)


Knowledge is power, and our strategy in helping you learn is simple: Share what we’ve learned, work hard, and lead by example. That’s what we’re all about, and that’s what Laundromats101 was created to do.

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Randy Dobbins  / Laura Dobbins

Laundromat Owners.  Investors.  Bloggers.  DIY Enthusiasts.

oie_transparent-10 oie_transparent-9We're laundromat owners, investors, bloggers, DIY enthusiasts.   We own two unattended, self-service laundries in Northern California.

We write about our laundromat purchase and ownership experience, and enjoy teaching others how to successfully purchase and manage their own laundries.



We spend only a few hours a week managing our stores, and enjoy the flexibility that comes with being our own boss.  

Before a life of laundromats, Randy spent 25+ years in management across several industries, including commercial laundry.  He's a professed gadget addict.  Laura is a math geek (Calculus III was a breeze), and currently works as an Analytics Manager in the Healthcare Finance sector.  When she's not busy analyzing something, she loves cooking French food and blogging.

We call sunny California home, where we can drive 2 hours west and hit the Pacific Ocean, or 2 hours east and take a dip in Lake Tahoe.

Life is good.