Tools and Resources

Welcome to the Laundromats101.com Resources page, a hand-picked list of the tools, websites, books and software we strongly recommend for purchasing and managing your laundry business.

We have tested and used every recommendation on this page. Many of the resources listed here were either crucial to our purchase process or are critical to running our businesses today.

Please know that there may be affiliate links associated with these products. These links support this website, and the commission comes at no additional cost to you. We have first-hand experience with all of these products or companies, and we recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commissions this website receives.

“Thanks for the book, it was really helpful! I’m in escrow to buy my 1st store and am going to close next week!”

Aman K.

“I was checking out information on laundromats and I found you by chance, just bought your latest book and I have almost read it all – THANK YOU!”

Linda F.

“Glad to have found your blog and book. I recently purchased a copy. The templates are worth the price alone.”

Henry L.

“Read the book twice already. It will all be in the numbers now. Thanks for taking the time to pull all this together.”

Jim Y.

Laundromats101 Complete Guide to Purchasing a Laundromat

Buying and managing a business can be overwhelming and intimidating, but our goal is to simplify the process.

Our 81-page eBook walks you through the entire purchase process, including critical topics such as: how to evaluate a potential laundromat, what you must include in your purchase offer, lease negotiation, what to look for in seller financials, how to determine cash flow, ways to increase profits, and much more.

PLUS...you'll get a FREE BONUS Pack of all (8) templates, tools and calculators we used to turn our store from mediocre to insanely profitable.

Books / Services / Websites

Only the books, services and websites that we personally recommend made this list.    



FREE Net Worth Calculator

Knowing your personal net worth is critical when buying a business; both lenders and landlords normally require that you submit a Personal Financial Statement, which includes a statement of your net worth.  

Personal Capital is a bank-level secure service that will calculate it for FREE; we still use it today to review our financial standings every quarter.  Highly recommended.



by Jonas Berger

The book that helped us understand the mindset of our customers; why they buy and how to develop your approach to advertising with them in mind.

Discover the formula that makes marketing go viral, and how to apply that to your own business.  A must-read.



Firestone Financial

Business Loans / Financing

This is the only business lender we have first-hand experience with, and we can recommend them without hesitation.  Friendly staff, and a streamlined loan process allowed us to get a loan approval in a matter of days.  The terms they offered were fantastic.

Unlike other lenders, Firestone specializes in the laundry and vending industry.  They offer financing for both business purchases as well as equipment.  



Website Hosting Service

All of our personal and business websites are hosted on Bluehost; including this one.

Why? Because they make it unbelievably easy to get a new site up and running with their one-click website installation.  No web design experience needed.


QuickBooks Online

Accounting Software

From Day 1, we've used QuickBooks Online (QBO) to track all of our business expenses.  This online accounting software is from the makers of TurboTax, so they've built QBO to integrate seamlessly, making filing your business taxes simple.  

We also like being able to pull up income reports and know instantly how the business is doing.  Free apps are available for your phone/tablet, so you can track expenses and scan receipts on-the-go.

cla_imageCoin Laundry Association

Industry Website

The Coin Laundry Association was a great source of information on how to successfully manage a laundry business.  Helpful tips and articles, as well as forums. 

Much of their website is free, although they encourage you to become a member for a fee, which opens up many more benefits for laundry owners.